A new WOD will be posted every Friday night leading up to the competition


WOD 1 for Takes 2 to Tango

In 12 min perform the following with your partner:

Max row for meters

Max Snatch/Both Partners.


At 3.2.1. Go one partner will start on the row and one on the max snatch. you have 12 min for both partners to find their max snatch. While one partner is snatching, the other is rowing, accumulating meters for max meters row. Partners can switch whenever needed.

Women’s max weight achieved and max meters rowed will be adjusted mathematically to account for the gender difference.


WOD 2- Gorillas in the Mix- Sponsored by Hi-Temp Weights, The Official Weights of The Talon Throwdown Series!


You will start with the following items at your station

1-three way box

1-forty five pound bar

2 clips

1-thirty five pound kettlebell

1- fifty three pound kettlebell

2-sixty five pound Hi-Temp Gorilla Plates

2- forty five pound plates

2- twenty five pound plates.


At 3.2.1.Go you and your partner will move all the items 15 yards to station two, where you will complete the following chipper

60 KBS 53/35#  (each person must do at least 20)

50 Partner Deadlifts    315# M/M         265# M/F        225# F/F

40 Ground to Overhead with plate      65#/45#           (each partner must do at least 15)

30 Burpees onto a plate   (each partner must do at least 10)

20 Partner Box Jumps       30 M/M    24  M/F    20 F/F


After the chipper is complete, everything must be disassembled and carried back to station 1.


Your score will be for total time. WOD is complete when everything is back at station 1, stacked in the same order.


More details on standards, and scaled division coming soon!






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